Franchise Business Investment Opportunities India

Franchise business opportunities makes more entrepreneurs and creates more job opportunities in India and worldwide.

As a growing economy like our country India needs more entrepreneurs as well as job opportunities for a sustainable growth. To develop a sustainable growth for our nation we need to create more business and investment opportunities.

Paradise group offers world best visionary investment opportunities, business opportunities and job opportunities for people all over India.

Non Resident Indian (NRI'S ) shall also participate in this business and in investment opportunities and shall get good returns lifelong. This is a unique opportunity for all Indians and NRI'S worldwide…

Indians and NRI'S shall make use of this unique precious opportunities and shall create good health and wealth to lead a happy and peaceful living.


Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum investment starts from 1,00,000/- (One Lakh) and the maximum you can invest any amount legally thru bank account.

We have many different franchise opportunities like fruits shop, veg shop, juice shop, soup shop, nuts shop, herbal shops, mobile shops, devotional products shop, various business in truck models, auto models, motor bike models, service offices. and many more…

The uniqueness of investing with franchise models in paradise group is: you definitely get a minimum guaranteed return of 12% to 24% per annum from the date of investment, according to your plan and duration of Investment. it's true that no such company in the world gives you 12 to 24% p.a. for your franchise investment before starting the franchise and getting the profit thru franchise. The revenue will be credited monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annualy according to your convinience.

Once the franchise is initiated and start doing business until you come across the profits of 24% p.a. you will be paid 24% p.a. If the profit goes more than that percentage you will be given the profits of more than 24% P.A. according to the profits driven by the franchise.

No such company is there in the world that gives you 12 to 24% returns from the date of investment before initiating and getting returns from the franchise. So it's really a unique model that people loving this model and investing from all over India.

Definitely No. We accept investment only thru bank account.

You will start getting the returns from the next month of the date you have invested. Consecutively every month the returns will get continue…

As we make your obligation in queue, we take our own time by doing the feasibility studies and all research works and will start the franchise as if to make it sustainable growth in the market.

No. You never need to manage the franchise business. Our company will take care of all and you are set free.

As per our franchise policies you never need to manage or work for it. You will be just an general franchise investor. As we are centralized and administer according to our principle and policies. No franchise investor have the rights to manage or administer our franchise as it is an unique business model.

Our company will administer everything. If you want to work with our company we will call for an interview and will research you skill set, if you are selected, you will be given a set of training accordingly that we give and will be appointed. You are eligible to get salary and facilities according to the job that we place you.

Yes. Any INDIAN one who is living in any state of India are an NRI living in any part of the world shall invest with our company. All Indians and NRI'S are eligible to invest with our company and shall get the said returns and profits lifelong according to the agreement made between you and the company.

Yes definitely. Any INDIANS OR NRI'S WORLDWIDE are eligible to invest legally with our company and franchise model opportunities and shall get returns or profits legally monthly, quarterly, half yearly or Annual returns as per your convenience and MOU and agreement made between you and our company.

  • A) You should be an Indian or an NRI.
  • (B) NEED your PAN Card in India for Indians.(for NRI) ID proof according to the country of living.
  • (C) NEED you AADHAR Card for Indians. (for NRI) ID proof according to the country of residence.
  • (D) You should have an Bank Account. Complete bank account details to be given.
  • (E) Investment should be made thru your Bank Account
  • (F) Permanent and residential address and communication details to be given to send gifts and honors.

All your profit returns as per agreed schedule will be sent only to your given bank account only.

As per Indian law minors shall invest with a parent or guardian and are eligible to get returns thru their account.

Minimum duration is 3 years and are subject to renewal according to your convenience to continue your good relationship with our company. Renewals are made as per the mutual consent of you and the company. Company holds all rights for the renewal.

The principle invested by you will be refunded to your given bank account automatically, if you do not renew the account with prior notice. You shall reinvest the refunded principle with a new agreement with the company.

No franchise fee for initial franchise investment. It could be applicable while initiating the said franchise that too will be very small and simple.

Your investment will never sleep with us. We do various businesses like manufacturing, marketing, B2B, B2C, Organic products, Organic land development, leasing businesses, commission business in daily profits basis. So we organize and make profits collectively and do give you good returns as per agreed schedule.

No from the date of Investment you are entitled to get a regular returns of 12 to 24% as per the plan you agreed and will be paid to your account regularly as scheduled. So you will never get loss in any situation and you are set free from loss or profit from our business.

Paradise group's vision is to offer more entrepreneurs opportunities to make entrepreneurs and to create more job opportunities all over India. Indians and NRI's should experience and enjoy no loss business opportunities for their investments with our company's unique business model.

People of India should get all natural, organic fruits vegetables and all organic food needs and healthy products in affordable cost with convenience they love. This should happen in all villages, towns and in metro cities without no constraints.

All paradise group of companies are partnership companies and will be converted to Public limited in due course according to the development and expansion all over Tamilnadu and India.

Dr.KARTHIKEYAN is the founder of all the companies that operates under the roof of Paradise group. He had an experience of more than 30 years in multiple businesses. We do have all type of experts in all department and sectors to manage and administer the business.

In future the valuable investors and people will be the share holders of our companies as we will make it Public listed company.

Any investment or transactions that are made more than 20,000/- to be transacted thru bank as per Indian financial law.

As our investment transactions starts from minimum 1,00,000/- it’s a must to make transaction only thru bank. So it will be 100% legal for you and our company.

Our Indian government and RBI have already released Central Bank Digital Currency for Public use and will come for utilization full fledged in future to make a corruption free country. As a patriotic citizen of India we need to support and should co-operate to make it happen. Our company always need to make our people aware and secured in all legal aspects to co-operate with our government to live happily and peaceful now and should make it happen for future generation.

Franchise Business Booking Advance Investment

Franchise Model Total Invetment in Rupees Franchise Bookin Advance Prior Standard Income Minimum Duration
Mobile Model 3,00,000 1,00,000 12-24% 3-5 Years
Auto Rickshaw Model 6,00,000 2,00,000 12-24% 3-5 Years
Mini Truck Model 9,00,000 3,00,000 12-24% 3-5 Years
Maxi Truck Model 12,00,000 4,00,000 12-24% 3-5 Years
Micro Shop Model 15,00,000 5,00,000 12-24% 3-5 Years
Macro Shop Model 30,00,000 10,00,000 12-24% 3-5 Years
Mega Shop Model 60,00,000 20,00,000 12-24% 3-5 Years
Metro Shop Model 90,00,000 30,00,000 12-24% 3-5 Years